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What? Me Worry!?!

Mastering Your Worries: This InfoPax is designed to provide you with some information about chronic worrying and generalised anxiety disorder and suggested strategies for how you can manage your worrying and anxiety.  It is organised into modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.  We recommend that you complete one module before going on to the next. Each module includes information, worksheets, and suggested exercises or activities.


  • Module 1: Overview of Generalised Anxiety
    This module provides a general description of anxiety and looks at the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder.  PDF document: 178kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 2: Overview of Worrying
    This module provides an overview of what worrying is, what triggers worrying, and what keeps it going.  PDF document: 194kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 3: Negative Beliefs about Worrying (Part 1)
    This module explores some negative beliefs you might have about worrying and discusses ways of changing such beliefs.  It focuses on one particular belief - that "Worrying is uncontrollable."  PDF document: 187kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 6: Challenging Worries
    This module explores an active way of dealing with the specific worries you have by challenging head on.  PDF document: 172kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 7: Letting Go of Worries
    This module explores a different way of dealing with your specific worries.  It describes the steps toward letting go of your worries.  PDF document: 187kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 8: Accepting Uncertainty
    This module aims to examine the need for certainty, look at how this keeps worrying going, describe ways of challenging this, and discuss how to ultimately accept uncertainty in life.  PDF document: 166kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 9: Problem-Solving
    Worrying and problem-solving are two very different things.  This module describes some valuable strategies for being able to effectively solve problems that you encounter in your day-to-day life.  PDF document: 189kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 10: Relaxation
    This module describes how you can reduce your anxiety by gaining control of your breathing and learning relaxation techniques.  PDF document: 203kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.
  • Module 11: Self Management
    This final module describes how to maintain the gains and continue the progress you have made throughout the previous modules.  PDF document: 193kb.  Updated 3 November 2010.