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Overcoming Disordered Eating - Part A
Overcoming Disordered Eating - Part A: This information package is designed to provide you with some information about disordered eating - how it develops, how it is maintained, and strategies to start to change the problem behaviours associated with disordered eating.  This infopax is organised into modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.  We recommend that you complete one module before going on to the next. Each module contains information, worksheets, and suggested exercises or activities.


  • Module 1: What is an Eating Disorder?
    This module provides an overview of what eating disorders are, their impact, and the role of dieting and healthy weight. PDF document: 495kb. Updated 4 October 2013
  • Module 2: How Ready am I to Change?
    This module explores preparedness to change disordered eating behaviours, and also outlines some of the treatment options for eating disorders. PDF document: 349kb. Updated 4 October 2013
  • Module 4: Self-Monitoring
    This module explains the importance of self-monitoring of eating behaviours, and provides a food log worksheet. PDF document: 393kb. Updated 4 October 2013
  • Module 5: Regular Eating and Weighing
    This module provides a rationale for regular eating and weighing, along with guidelines and worksheets. PDF document: 429kb. Updated 4 October 2013
  • Module 7: Moods and Disordered Eating
    This module explores the way emotions and difficulty handling moods can affect disordered eating behaviours, along with strategies to manage moods. PDF document: 546kb. Updated 4 October 2013
  • Module 8: Dietary Rules
    This module explores the role of dietary restriction and rules in maintaining disordered eating, along with guidelines for normal eating. PDF document: 499kb. Updated 4 October 2013