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A collection of audio files for meditation along with links to a mobile app called Worry Time.


  • Breathing Retraining Audio (MP3)

    Breathing is a powerful determinant of our physical state. By using this calm breathing technique, you can slow your breathing down and reduce your general level of anxiety, you may even find it relaxing. With enough practice, it can be applied in stressful situations to help reduce your anxiety so that you can remain in the situation and cope through it.

  • Attention-retraining Audios

    The following meditations can be used to take a step back and detach from one’s thoughts. Learn to observe and let go of thoughts, rather than getting caught up in them. With practice you will be able to treat thoughts as “just thoughts” and be less tangled in your mind’s chatter.

  • “Worry Time” App

    Do you find yourself worrying a lot? Do you have many worries in your head at once? Or do you repeatedly worry throughout the day? You might like to try Worry Time – an App specifically designed to help with a busy mind. Learn to set aside your worries until a later time and get on with your day. You can then deal with them at your convenience and, with enough practice, learn to let go of worries altogether.