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Referral Information
This section provides information about how to refer individuals to CCI, referral criteria and information for patients about CCI, along with our updated one-page referral form to make it easy to refer patients direct to us.


  • Referral Information
    Please check the referral criteria before making a referral to CCI. This document describes the inclusion and exclusion criteria as well as how to refer to CCI. It may be useful to print a copy of the information for future reference.
  • Referral Form
    This referral form can be used when making referrals to CCI. All forms must be printed and sent to CCI. Note: If you are a member of the public, please consult your doctor if you are seeking a referral to CCI.
  • CCI Treatment Programmes
    This document describes the treatment programmes currently being offered at CCI. It can be downloaded and printed to keep for future reference when making a referral to CCI.
  • Information for Consumers
    This information sheet can be given to patients being referred to CCI. It provides some general information about CCI and describes what patients can expect.