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This section provides various therapist manuals which mental health practitioners may find useful as a guide for conducting therapy with different client groups, for example, using cognitive-behavioural therapy for psychotic symptoms, or social skills training for severe mental disorders. The therapist manuals provide session outlines and suggested activities as well as relevant worksheets and handouts. CCI provides relevant training for mental health professionals, many of which focus on the manuals provided here. Please see the training calendar for updates on training dates.


  • Therapist Manuals Order Form

    In addition to the manuals found on this website, CCI also produces a number of other therapist manuals in hard copy format which are available for purchase. Please contact us if you would like further details about any of the manuals listed. The form can be completed on-screen, but must be printed and sent to CCI with a cheque or money order.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychotic Symptoms
    Over recent years, psychosocial approaches to managing psychosis have shifted from a purely behavioural focus to an emphasis on the interaction of cognitions and behaviour the symptoms of psychosis. There has been a particular emphasis on the factors maintaining the experience of residual psychotic symptoms (e.g. hallucinations), but also on the distress and disturbance that can be associated with experiencing these symptoms. PDF document: 1307kb.
  • Social Skills Training for Severe Mental Disorders
    Individuals with severe psychiatric illnesses, such as schizophrenia, typically experience numerous problems in their relationships with others. For many clients, poor social functioning is related to social skill difficulties. Helping clients improve their social skills enables them to enhance their social functioning in the community. **NOTE: This PDF document is very large (7000kb). If you are concerned about download and connection problems, the manual is listed below in smaller sized sections.
  • Social Anxiety in Schizophrenia: A Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy Programme
    The suggestion and empirical finding that there exists a significant rate of comorbid social anxiety in individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia has existed for over a decade. The inclusion of treatment programmes for people whose psychosis is well controlled, yet suffer from co-morbid social anxiety, offers an improvement in mental health care. **NOTE: This PDF document is very large (6900kb). If you are concerned about download and connection problems, the manual is listed below in smaller sized sections.
  • Getting Along & Keeping Cool
    The effect of aggressive behaviour on young people and others in their lives can be far-reaching. This is a skills-based group program which allows the young person to learn and practice the skills needed for aggression control. While the treatment program is specifically designed for young people, many of the underlying concepts may also be relevant to adults. **NOTE: This PDF document is large (2915kb). If you are concerned about download and connection problems, the manual is listed below in smaller sized sections.